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Colombo is the jewel of the Indian subcontinent and is the largest city as well as the main port of Sri Lanka. It is completely surrounded by sandy beaches which bathe under the sunshine all year around. It is both financial as well as commercial centre of the country. The main attraction of tourists to this place is the combination of old and new that make it a perfect tourist spot.

Some of the major Colombo attractions are:

The Fort: The old Dutch and Portuguese time forts are there in Sri Lanka but now they have been used as the place of the commercial centres for the country. They have become the host for major offices, better shops, big hotels, airlines offices, banks, immigration offices, head post offices etc

Pettah: Close to this fort there is Colombo’s leading market or bazaar called Pettah. There are narrow cobbled roads with shops on the both the sides of the road, the bargains and the good range of products like fabrics, suiting’s, children wear, underwear, handbags and footwear are the major attraction for the tourist to this market. They are also well known for the electrical and electronics item like watches, televisions, iPods, mp3’s etc

Galle Face Green: it is basically a promenade located on the sea face and is about one and a half kilometers long. It is adding beauty to Sri Lanka from the British times. It was used mainly for Horse racing at about 1859 - at the present time it is the biggest open land in Colombo as well as its most famous picnic spot.

Slave Island: Historically there was a long and narrow island where the slaves spent their nights in quarters called "Slave Island" on the south side of the Fort. At present time the place is surrounded by the remains of the Beira Lake and is also hosting many hotels, office buildings and also some stores. It is the hub of much commercial activity.

Mount Lavinia: Mount Lavinia a famous beach of the Sri Lanka is just 12 km from Colombo. It was a major part of attraction since colonial times. In 1805 Sir T. Maitland made the Governor's House in this place - it is now a part of the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Dehiwala Zoo: It is made in near about 11 acres of area in extent with a best of best collection of animals from different part of the world. The main attraction of this place is the elephant show which held every day in the evening.

National Museum: It is a national property housed in a wide colonial building and it is the property of Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage. There is a large collection of more than a millions of books, manuscript as well as the rock sculptures, ancient weapons of kings of 17th century.

The Viharamahadevi Park: The place Located near to the national Museum, it’s ranked first in the list of all Colombo's park. Water channels, flowering trees and fountains are the specialty of this park.
Wolvendaal Church: the Colombo’s most famous and the oldest church of Dutch times. There flooring is done with tombstones which were brought to the church in 1813 from the fort.

Some of festivals celebrated in Colombo also form the part of attraction

Duruthu Perahere: it is celebrated as on this day Buddha visited Sri Lanka near about 2,000 years ago and made the day memorable for the Sri Lankan’s. In this festivals many religious events are organized which go on for a week after that there is a colourful Duruthu Perahera session with lots of acrobatics, dancing, drummers, and many more. This is the most elaborated celebration of the Sri Lankan.

National Day: the day signifies the independence of the country from the British rule they got in 1948, the day is celebrated in the February 04.

Navam Perahera: the most colourful event of the Srilanka which is celebrated in the Beira lake areas and Viharamahadevi Park. The main part of attraction is the fifty decorated elephants leading the procession.

Medin Full-moon Poya Day: (A religious buddhist festival)

Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival: The New Year celebration which is shared by both Sinhalese and Tamil communities. All business mainly shut down this day and people celebrates the day with full zeal and enthusiasm

Vesak: celebrates the birth, enlightenment and passing away of the Buddha - commemorated mainly by the Buddhists. The feature is the setting up of "Dan sel" which are community feeding halls where donations collected are used to offer prepared food to visitors and travelers. Also pandols or large lighted murals are constructed to depict various stories from Buddha's previous incarnations. Further, many Vesak lantern competitions are also held during this period.

Mayurapathy Chariot Festival. Celebrated by this Hindu community

Vel Festival: Celebrated by the Hindu community - a large gathering in procession participate in this colorful festival.

National Festival of Kites: the one of the famous festivals of the south Asian people is the festival of kites. This national festival is celebrated in whole Sri Lanka with lots of different colours kites and threads winding around the sky. The festival is not only meant for kite flying but also for the kite making...

Navarathri Festival: Navarathri is the one of the best festival Hindus in Sri Lanka. The festival is celebrated for the 9 days on the occasion of goddess Durga’s win over the Asura.

World Spice Festival: Sri Lanka is the hub of Spices for many countries and in the month of November the Sri Lankan’s celebrates the festival of spices and cuisines. In these festivals different dishes are prepared by the various chefs.

Christmas: even though the Christians population is less than 10 % in Sri Lanka but yet the festival of Christmas is celebrated on large scale with full zeal and interest by the Sri Lankans

Thus the place Colombo is the full part of attraction due to its richness in beautiful and ancient sites to visit and also due to its colorful festival year.

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