Ceylon blue sapphire: the gemstone

Sri Lanka is world famous for the different kinds of gems that one can find in this country. Ceylon blue sapphire, amethysts, topazes and few more are the different types of gem stones that you can find here. Out of all these gems, sapphire is the most popular one. If you want to buy it then it is quite important to know what the properties of this gemstone are so that you do not end up buying the wrong one.

 The country Sri Lanka has been known for its precious gemstones from the historic times. This is supported by the fact that once it was known as Dweepa of Ratana that means island of Gem. In many historical books, you can find historians citing quotes that tell us how popular the country was in area of gemstones. For instance, a person called Marco Polo said that the country has the best gems in the world.

An introduction to Sapphires

When you are planning to buy sapphires you should know that they are available in different colors. However if you want to buy blue sapphires then you need not mention it’s colorful. But when you want sapphire of some other color then mentioning its color is a must. Ceylon Blue Sapphire is the sapphire that you can find in Sri Lanka. There are many other places from where one can get sapphire like Kashmir, Burma and few more, but the quality that you get in Sri Lanka is unique. They are better in all respects whether it be color, clarity or luster.

The sapphire from Sri Lanka in terms of color is lighter in tone than the others. Its color is somewhere between violet blue and blue hue. One can find sapphires in not just different colors but in different shapes as well. The variety one gets in sapphires attracts lots of people towards it. Different shapes that you can expect in sapphires include rounds, pears, cushions and ovals. All of them are similar in prices except rounds that are little more expensive. This is because in order to shape a round sapphire more raw material is required that adds up to its cost.

Properties of Sapphire
• Corundum or aluminum oxide is the family of minerals to which it belongs.
• It is quite hard as on Moh’s Scale it is given a value 9.
• It is without any planes of cleavage.
• It is quite tough.
• The value of refractive index for it is 1.760.
• The earliest sapphire was found in Sri Lanka.

Mining of sapphires

Mining of sapphires along with many other gems has been an integral part of Sri Lankan history. It is known that this was the only place where sapphires were first found. This is the reason why people have fetish for these sapphires. Here when some land is allocated to people for the purpose of mining of gems the government keeps an eye on it. The government keeps a check on the land where mining is done so that no harm is caused to it. in addition, people who own these gem mines are supposed to pay some share of their profit to the government of the country.

In Sri Lanka most of the mining is done in deposits of alluvial only. You can find these deposits easily in flood plains and even river gravels that are popularly known as illam. The process used for mining of gems is not very difficult. Firstly a pit is dug by workers to a depth ranging from five feet to 50 feet. When this task is over and they have a pit of desired depth they start putting tunnels inside of pits.

In this country, Ratanpura is the most ancient area where mining of Ceylon Blue Sapphires was done. However in today’s date there are many other mines as well and include
• Nuwara Eliya Mines
• Bibile Sapphire mines
• Metiyagoda Moonstone Mines
• Pelmadulla Sappire Mines
• Elehara Gem Fields
• Morawaka

Best Deals in Sapphires

If you wish to get the best deals in sapphires then it is very important to have some preliminary knowledge about them. It has been seen that many traders fool around people as they lack knowledge. But if you do not want to be one of those people then simply keep a note of properties of sapphire from different places. Sri Lankan Sapphire has a color that is unique from all others and thus it will not be very hard to distinguish it from others.

In addition to unique color, the brightness of sapphire from Sri Lanka is the highest of all. When you examine it you can find it without much difficulty. In the country you will find many stores selling gem stones of different kinds and you can buy it from them. Also, these days many online stores are buying sapphires too.

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