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Sri Lankan Airlines Limited - Air Lanka was the first name of this airline company in Sri Lanka an later on it was named as Sri Lankan airlines limited. This is the Flag carrier airline in Sri Lanka. from its main airport hub Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport there are about twelve Airbus aircraft to different places in Asia as well as to Europe. The company’s logo is the peacock which is featured with tagline 'You are Our World'. This Airline is mainly for the international boarding and very few local flights are available. The main headquarters or head base of these airlines is at katunayake at Bandaranaike International Airport. There are very few local flights available at Sri Lankan Airports.

Srilankan Airlines is partly owned by Emirates Airlines which has about 43.63% of share in Sri Lankan airlines Limited.

Cheap flights to Sri Lanka

It’s not easy for anyone to find the cheap flights easily but when you are in Sri Lanka it is easy for you to find the best and cheap rates flights to reach your destination from any Sri Lankan Airports. The only thing you have to do is just login into the internet and chose any of the service providers who will avail you the most attractive price for your flight as there are many cheap flights service providers in Sri Lanka.

Some of the best facilities providers are:

Last minute: If you want amazing and attractive deals on the cheapest Sri Lankan Flights then they are the best guide for you. They will provide you any ticket whether it is charter plane, economy class or the first class but all you have to do is just submit your details to them online and they will deal for you at the reasonable price. So if you want to reserve your cheapest Seat then go ahead for the

Sky Scanner: if you are looking for some best deals, some cheap flights for your destinations then Sky Scanner is the best place where you can get all these things available to you. You have to just fill the form online giving full information regarding the boarding and destination place, date of boarding and in which class you want the seat and they will provide you the details of all the cheapest flights available for you.

For more details and to book your flight please follow the following link:

TRIPADVISOR: this is also the site where you can book your flight easily and at quite cheap rates. They will offer you the best out of best price to attract the customers to their site. They offer flights from Sri Lanka for more than 42 different countries. They will provide you the list of all the cheapest flights once you have filled the form online giving your all details to them.

 Following link will help you a lot in finding trip advisor’s cheapest flight :

VYAMA CHEAP TICKETS: Vayama is specialized in booking of cheap flights with largest collection of different airlines and with varying airfares to select the best one for you to fly in or out from Sri Lanka at least cost. flights to headquarters of all airports Bandaranaike International Airport will be available to you at reasonable rate from the different places like USA, London, Singapore, Paris, Dubai, Amman, Kuwait, and Bangkok and are also available from the Indian cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai etc.. you can also connect from several Indian cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and more.

ATTITUDE TRAVEL: they will provide you the good and attractive prices as they are recorded as the second highest cheap ticket seller of the year 2009. They promise you to provide all the facility provided by the other site they will offer you online pay and confirmation of your seat and also deliver you the tickets to your place.

For more details visit:

There are some more dealers which can provide you the best and the cheap flights to Colombo or other destinations you want. The list includes the cheap flight services, last minute, and many more are there. They will offer you the best deals and will also guide you towards making the best deals and how should you take your flights and from where they will tell you the cheapest one.

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