Motor Vehicle Revenue License

We all want  to save time - and getting your Revenue License online instead of visiting the government office is a dream come true.

Usually you would have visited - Office of the Provincial Commissioner of Motor Traffic (Western Province) 1st floor, New Secretariat Building, Maligawatte, Colombo-10

But now a less painful alternative is available you can go to the following link:

Create a user account - then login to that user account. You can add services such as "Revenue license" and "Train Schedules" at the moment only these two services are offered - we hope that new services will be added soon.

At this stage you have to have a few documents at hand:

  • Insurance certificate
  • Emission test certificate
  • Certificate of registration
  • Previous revenue license (the old one)

First of all you have to enter the chassis number of your vehicle given in the certificate of registration. Then enter the old Revenue license number. The numbers that you need and where they are located in the respective documents are clearly shown in the form to be filled.

Hopefully as you click the "OK" key you will be taken to the next page that asks you to select the company that you have insured your vehicle with and also select the company through which you obtained the emission test certificate. If both the emission test and insurance are still valid. You'll be informed of such and taken to the payment page.

One imagines that the databases of the insurance companies and emission test companies are linked to the server and it can read your information in real time. I doubt that all the insurance companies are linked to the system but most of the big companies were.

Next in the payment page you will be shown what you are about the be charged for - there is a postage charge of Rs. 40/- and a convenience charge - small amount but penalty will be added to this if you are late in renewing the license. Then next you will be taken to the payment portal - here the system failed twice - due to different connectivity and merchant account failures. But on the third attempt I was able to pay and got my online revenue license as a print out - it did have a telephone number on it - I guess you call that number if the police stop you! On further inquiry I did find out that the "receipt" is valid for 14 days and thereafter your supposed to have received the actual revenue license by registered post.

I expected my "hardcopy" original license pronto by registered post - and was not disappointed as it arrived within the stipulated 14 days. So expect "quick" service. If you do get flagged down by the police then pray that the telephone number in the "temporary license a.k.a. receipt" works - especially if it is after working hours or in the weekend.

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