Sri Lanka Government Information Center

Sri Lanka Government Information Center - provides key contact list and directory of services offered by all departments that make up the civil service. Get all the information and documents that you need ready before visiting that government department and save a lot of time.

Agriculture livestock and fisheries - approval and registration of incentivized investment schemes, license and permits, subsidies and assistance, agriculture livestock and fisheries development, training and extension services.

Banking Tax and insurance - leasing facilities, tax payer facilities and information, insurance from state banks, obtaining low income housing  loans, micro finance facilities

Citizens registration - citizenship registration, NIC application and birth registration, registration of death, dual citizenship, marriage registration, householder's registration, voter registration.

Communication and media - language translation, postal services, information services, licenses and permits

Education and training - pre-school education, school education, higher education, vocational education, education for differently abled, distance  learning, education for government officers and university education.

Employment information - career guidance programs, employment promotion programs, seminars training and workshops, publications of career information, foreign employment, EPF ETF and others

Environment - disaster relief, disaster management, coast conservation, environment protection and programs, weather service and wildlife.

Health well being  and social service - health assistance, childcare, social services, family planning, grants subsidies and other assistance.

Housing property and utilities - infrastructure, housing and property, planning and building regulations, utilities,

Justice law and rights - consumer protection, legislature and executive, legal assistance, complaints and grievances,

Trade business and industry - regulation of trade, trade promotion, exports, registrations, licenses and permits, training and development, facilitations, transport services

Travel tourism and leisure - reservation of government owned bungalows, obtaining and renewing passports, train and cargo services, visits to various tourist attractions.

These are only some of the services that can be obtained from the Government Information Center. Please visit their website at

Some videos on the GIC is presented below (some of the comments made are in Sinhala):

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