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In Sri Lanka one can find large numbers of Sri Lanka newspapers and magazines. They are published in all three national languages Sinhala, Tamil and English. Through these newspapers and their online editions many people including expats keep up with the day to day happenings in the "Motherland".

Moreover, if you are a tourist then you must be looking forward to visit different places in Sri Lanka. These newspapers will help you in knowing what are the latest events and festivals that are going on in the country. If you just wish to know about the best places, markets and monuments here then magazines can prove to be a good choice. You can buy one that will help you "be in the know"


There are also magazine editions of "Explore Sri Lanka" that can be downloaded from the Appstore - if you are a new visitor to Sri Lanka then this is a must read.

A long list of different newspapers and magazines that can prove to be less beneficial during your visit in the country so we will cover only the important newspapers. One of the measures on which you can differentiate between them is government owned and privately owned. However a major portion of the newspapers are owned by the government itself and they are simply referred to as state-owned papers. "Daily News" which is a daily English newspaper is published by ANCL (Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited) this is a government controlled entity. "The Island" is also strongly influenced by the government. The "Daily Mirror" is by far the best independent English newspaper but circulation is still limited to urban areas - although this might change in the near future. "Daily FT" is a financial times style newspapers that carries business related news and is very important if your looking to check the pulse of Sri Lanka business. It carries many relevant articles and is very current and relevant.

Paradigm shift happened in Sri Lanka when news alerts through SMS were first launched. It became the must have resource for news as SMS service rates came down significantly. All the main mobile telecom providers (Dialog, Mobitel, Etisalat, Airtel etc) offer different news service facilities through SMS.

The quality of online news sites varies significant - with some sites not being updated for months, and others are updated minute by minute. There has been a lot of controversy over private news websites attacking the Government and some have been shut down. Further, moves are being made to have all websites licensed by the Government or they will be blocked by the Government.

For the latest news, videos and articles regarding Sri Lanka - we strongly recommend that you visit

Some of the Quality news sites are:

  • or - has been operating for sometime and offers quality news and updates
  • - operated by the Defence Department of Sri Lanka has useful information regarding matters of state
  • - Official state news website
  • - Lanka business report - mainly business related information - they also have hardcopy version of their magazine.
  • - Lanka business online - is a business related website that carries latest news on stock market and other industry related information. Ideal for the business visitors

List of Sri Lanka newspapers:

  • Daily News: this newspaper is owned by the government and thus is state owned. It is an English newspaper and thus choice of most of the visitors. This newspaper is published daily and you can find all the latest happenings in the country with its help.
  • Dinamina: this is again a government owned newspaper. In year 1909 it was first published and since then is the most popular newspaper in the country. The newspaper is available in Sinhala language and deals mainly with politics. This is a daily newspaper and you can find latest national and international news in it.
  • Irudina: it is a newspaper that is owned by private agencies. The paper is published in Sinhala language and has its own norms for the news contained in the paper.
  • Lankadeepa - is a Sinhala language daily owned privately by the Wijeya Group
  • Lakbima - Weekly Sinhala language newspaper and is privately owned
  •  Thinakaran: this newspaper is owned by the government. It is published daily in the Tamil language.
  • Virakesari - is a privately owned Tamil daily newspaper
  • Thinakkural - is a privately owned Tamil  daily newspaper
  • Uthayan - is a privately owned Tamil daily newspaper

Apart from these newspapers, there are many others as well that you can find in Sri Lanka. Each newspaper has something unique about it and thus it is not possible to conclude which of them is the best. After having a glance at each of them you can easily decide on one that you think is the best. All the newspaper agencies have their website as well and you can check out latest news there as well.

Other source of information for people coming to Sri Lanka is magazines of different types. The different types of magazines deal with different issues and you can choose the one of your interest. Some of the popular magazines of Sri Lanka include:

  • LMD: this is a monthly magazine is published in English language. It is related mainly to business in the country.
  • Living Guide - is a lifestyle magazine also published by the LMD group - this is out once in two months.
  • Hi! - Sri Lanka premier High Society magazine - very popular with Colombo elite - also has a video section in their website
  • Pariganaka: this magazine is owned by a private publisher group known as Wijeya. The magazine deals with different issues out of which the computers are the prominent.
  • Satyn: the magazine is published in English and mainly deals with issues related to women.
  • Theertha Magazine: it is a magazine published in Sinhala language.

Few others magazines apart from the ones mentioned above include Colombo Chronicle, Explore Sri Lanka, Lanka Chronicle and lots more.

Sri Lanka newspapers and magazines are available in a wide variety and you can easily find the best one for you. If you are a visitor and want to gather the knowledge about different places then you can rely on "Explore Sri Lanka"

List of Sri Lanka Newspapers

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